On these pages you are invited to follow the adventures of Luc, the Belgian kid,in an autobiography presented in the form of comics by Luc Leplae

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The Exodus
The Exodus- The story of Luc's family trying to escape the German army in 1940. During the first days of the war the German army created systematically panics among the Belgian population by using air attacks on the horde of refugees. A massive Exodus into France followed, which resulted in a total chaos in that part of Europe.

(42 pages)

War Time

War Time- In this series I present some of my first comic strips (created in 1995). Although the drawings may be more naive, the stories themselves are more exciting for the simple reason that I started by the most striking events of that period and ran out of great stories later.

(4 stories)

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Play Time- During that period people were leading as normal a life as possible. This is a collection of the more playful events that took place in those days.

(12 stories)


Sirmione- In 1987 Luc, his wife Genevieve and three of their children spent a vacation in Northern Italy. Something funny happened during that trip.

(15 pages)


China- This story takes place in Mainland China in June 1989, at the time of the historical Tiananmen Square events. Luc and part of his family are coming back home after a sabbatical year spent in China. In order to leave China they have to travel by boat from Nanning, a city in Southern China, to Hong Kong. The story also shows the anxiety present in everybody's mind during those difficult days.

(32 pages)

A Period of Madness

A Period of Madness- In 1993 Luc had a liver transplant. During the year following that operation he became quite crazy. A period of Madness describes a few events that took place during that year.

(91 pages)


Milwaukee- A collection of more recent stories.

(2 stories)

Note: All the stories published here are true stories with the obvious exception of a few pages in the "Period of Madness" which take place 35000 BC

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